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The Foundation for Wildlife Management is dedicated to Idaho’s wolf management needs. If you hunt in Idaho, you should be a member. Your $35 membership will go a long way in controlling the rising populations of wolves. The F4WM will connect those that want wolf management with those that have the skills to do it. Click HERE to learn more and join!

Elk Calling Academy is all about helping you shorten that learning curve so that you find elk hunting and calling success faster. Link.

The Bugler, or Dirk Durham, is a recommended page for elk hunting enthusiasts that offers great hunting content and Phelp’s Game Call gear and more. Click here.

Book Recommendations from The Western Huntsman

  1. American Buffalo by Steve Rinella: An entertaining and educational book about the history of the iconic American Buffalo, hunting stories, and looking into the future of this fascinating species. Click image (#ad) to purchase:

2. Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin: Perhaps the most effective leadership books I’ve ever read. With unique stories about how U.S. Navy SEALS applied their military leadership skills in combat and translated them to the civilian sector. Click image (#ad) to purchase:

3. That Wild Country by Mark Kenyon: An amazing historical account of America’s public lands mixed with entertaining stories of backcountry adventures. The book that every outdoorsman should read. Click image (#ad) to purchase:

4. Team Bad Decision by Travis Greenwood: Take a wild ride into some epic backcountry hunts as this book walks the reader through how they went from their first ever backcountry hunt, to where and how they do it now.

5. Why We Hunt by Aaron Lutrell. Take a dive into the five motivations of the modern hunter. This excellent read organizes the legitimacy of todays hunters and rips apart the arguments used by the anti-hunter. Click on pic to order. #ad

6. Primal; Why We Long To Be Wild and Free, Nate Summers: This book is an epic journey of our primal instincts and urges. It discusses the primal nature of the human condition, survival skills, benefits of being in nature, and a lot more. Hunters everywhere will enjoy this read! Click the image to purchase. #ad

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