I’m Jim Huntsman. The photo to the left is my wife, Nicole, and three of my four daughters.

You can generally find us at our home in the woods of North Idaho or camped on the river that runs about 20 miles to the East, the way a crow flies.

My story began in Utah, the high elevation mountains and hot desert country where summers were hot, and winters were snow covered. Much of my childhood was packed with camping, hunting, fishing, boating, and plenty of outdoor exposure.

Christmas in Djibouti, Africa

I graduated high school a semester early and went to Marine Corps boot camp instead of prom. As an infantry Marine, I visited places in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Stationed with 2/2 at Camp Lejeune, NC, I spent almost five years on active duty. The Iraq War began the exact week I was supposed to be discharged so instead of going home, I spent the Spring of 2003 marching on Baghdad. I was home and out of the Marines by hunting season that year.

I moved to Spokane, WA after the Marines to work with a friend. This took me next door to the Coeur d’Alene, ID area and with the exception of a few years back in Utah, I have been here ever since.

I met this lovely lady to the left when she was a bartender at a venue that I played when I had a country band in North Idaho. I asked her out six times and was told no five of them. Knowing she was out of my league, I still persisted and thanks to my above average sales skills I convinced her to marry me. We have four daughters and are blessed to live on a small acreage plot of genuine Idaho forest. The only other male in our house is a lab/retriever mix named Trevor who faithfully stands guard on our front porch, bravely defending us from dangerous chipmunks and bloodthirsty whitetail deer.

Except for my military time, I have spent my entire career in the construction industry. I pursued a business marketing degree from WGU and currently work in business development and project management for a mid-sized commercial roofing company. I have written several blogs and articles for my job, and my wife convinced me that I should write for my true passion; being a sportsman in the American West.

I love the West. Our pristine waters, wild backcountry, and outdoor opportunities are very different from the rest of the world. I know this because I’ve traveled much of it. Whether it’s timbered high country, sandstone desert, or anything in between, these storied Western landscapes permanently imprison me and I am thankful for it.

I have always been drawn to mule deer hunting, it’s what I grew up on. There are few things more majestic than a mature mule deer buck making his way through the forest. However, since 2014, I have become obsessed with chasing Rocky Mountain elk during archery season in September. Every year since, my obsession has grown. Calling elk to within bow range is perhaps the most profound connection to the outdoors a person can get. I am also a fanatical fly fisherman. In fact, active trout on a river have often derailed my elk hunting efforts. I am committed to not letting this happen in the future.

Conservation and public lands is the third pillar of this blog site. Our wildlife and public land are under continuous assault from misguided politicians, anti-hunting groups, development, and so-called environmental activists. I believe in clean, healthy wilderness that is owned and accessible by the citizenry of our great country. I seek clean waters and access to them. I am a defender of our wildlife and sound management practices that have proven and beneficial results, such as hunting and fishing. I believe that if you too are a hunter/fisherman, you have a responsibility to participate in some level of conservation efforts. Our natural resources are fragile and limited. We, as sportsman, must display a powerful and united front in defense of our lands and wildlife.

Lastly, welcome to my site! My goal is to provide the Western outdoors experience through written word, images, and my favorite, podcasting! Here we will discuss anything from huckleberry picking to elk bugling. Anything is possible if it falls under the blanket of the Western lifestyle. I hope that the content here will entertain, teach, and encourage you to push the limits of your outdoors passion.

Thank you for joining me!

Jim Huntsman

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